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Lost & Found 

There is nothing more frightening to a pet parent than the possibility of losing your animal. Don’t panic though. Acting decisively and thoroughly is the key to locating your pet. It is important to plan ahead and consider means of safeguarding your animal in the occurrence that they are lost.

How to find your lost pet:

Neighborhood Search

  • Search your house and surrounding area. Alert your neighbors and show them a recent picture of your animal. Post flyers and posters.

Visit Shelters & Call around

  • Call your closest veterinarian, rescues, and shelters in your area. Visit shelters and physically walk through to check for your lost pet.

    • Many pets roam and can be found more than 10 miles from where they were lost.

    • A well-meaning citizen may locate and transport your pet to their home, veterinarian, or a shelter closer to where they live. Keep your search radius broad.

    • Leave lost pet reports, fliers, and current photos at all locations you visit. Most vet offices and shelters will have locations to post this.

Check Lost & Found Websites

Social Media

  • Use social media to your advantage. Many people share posts of lost or found animals. Spread the word and reach as many in your community as you can.

Don't Give Up

  • Some pets have been reunited with their owners months or even years after they were lost, so don't give up!

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