At SPCA of Bradley County's Animal Center, you will have the opportunity to meet and visit with your potential new companion. You can review specially developed behavior and health profiles, and lifestyle considerations on each of our adoptable animals. All adoption fees vary per animal. Our team members will work to find the pet that will match your home environment and lifestyle. They can help you decide what size, age, breed and temperament will most successfully meet your expectations.


Our adoption fees vary per animal, but each includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations (DHPP/FVRCP, Bordetella, and rabies) deworming, and canine heartworm testing. Also, 30 days of pet insurance is included FREE with every adoption. There is a required $10 microchip fee added to the adoption fee for each animal. 


If you have existing pets in the home, we highly recommend a meet & greet with the potential new pet, and may even require it for some of our adoptable animals. 


We strive to match the right the pet with the right family based on your liestyle and their needs. Our ultimate goal is to set the pet up for success in a forever home. If we believe the animal may not be compatible with you, we will work to find another pet that will fit your home. Please note, we retain to the right to refuse any adoption.

Adoption Eligibility

  • Anyone over the age of 18, who will provide a loving forever home, and any needed veterinarian care are eligible to adopt SPCABC’s animals. 

  • If you rent, please provide your landlord information. We will call to verify your rental agreement allows pets.

  • All if your current pets are up-to-date with their vaccines, rabies and also receive monthly flea & tick and heartworm (dogs) preventatives.

  • Please understand if you surrendered an animal within the last six months, we will not adopt to you. We prefer to give time for your circumstance to change for committing to pet ownership again.

  • We do not place any animals on hold. 

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1570 Johnson Blvd., Cleveland, TN 37311



SPCABC’s volunteers are instrumental with socializing animals, assisting with animal caretaking, counseling prospective pet adopters, social media management and participating in special fundraising and adoption events. Their special skills and talents make a positive difference in the lives of shelter animals.


The SPCA of Bradley could not perform its lifesaving operations without the generosity of fellow animal lovers. Yes, we recently renewed the county contract to provide humane animal sheltering services – however, the awarded amount covers only a portion of the care provided to our animals. Please consider donating: only $25 would cover all vaccinations, flea & tick preventative and dewormers administered upon intake, $40 sterilizes a cat, and $50 covers the spay/neutering of a dog.

About Us

Historically, the city shelter, Bradley County’s only resource, euthanized ~98% of cats and ~70% of dogs entering their doors. In 2014, a grassroots effort formed to do better for our homeless animals. As a result, the SPCA of Bradley County opened as the area’s FIRST open admission animal shelter following the No Kill Equation Model - winning the county contract of $80,000. Since then, we’re proud that over 7,600 animals have traveled onto their next chapters. A direct result of our county government’s backing, an increased contract award and Bradley County’s citizens standing together to show every dog’s and cat’s life matters. 

Our Mission

The mission of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Bradley County is to provide humane enforcement and sheltering for companion animals, while providing compassionate animal control services, under the No Kill Equation model.

COVID-19 NOTICE - Protocol Update 5/1/20

The following guidelines have been implemented & will stay in place at our facility:

- At this time, everything for our shelter is continuing operating on an appointment-only basis to keep our staff as safe as possible. This allows us to best manage the number of people in the different areas of the facility. Appointments are made for adoptions, viewing an animal, surrendering and animal, and strays (if possible).

Please call the shelter at 423-790-1915, Tues-Sat 12 - 5 pm and Speak to a staff member to make an appointment. We will not accept public coming to the door to set up an appointment.

- If we decide that a group of pets (particularly, a litter of puppies or kittens coming up for adoption) will have a set date for availability, those will typically have a sign-in sheet on our door the day they become available. This will be announced on their Facebook post.

Please bear with us as we continue to navigate through the waters of COVID-19 and making the best decisions for our staff and safety for all involved.

Please know that our animals come first. Without healthy staff, we can’t continue to care for our furbabies. 

Thank you.
Phone: 423-790-1915
Hours: Tues-Sat, 12 pm-4:30 pm for strays intake and appointments;
12 pm-5 pm for Adoptions
Location: 1570 Johnson Blvd SE Cleveland TN 37311


Sleep is essential to restoring the health and overall well-being of animals waiting to be adopted. With your help, every homeless pet can experience the value of resting on the BEST bed while they wait to be adopted. These beds are made in the USA, last longer than any other bed on the market, offered at a discounted price, and shipped directly to the animals.


The PVC versions have gotten chewed up over the years, and we need the aluminum because they last much longer!  Please help!

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Our 2020 SPCA Calendars Are Available! 

Now just $5 donation each.

They will be at the shelter for purchase.

And also at upcoming events.

Due to a high intake of animals in 2018, our overhead costs have increased tremendously. All animals must be spayed/neutered and vaccinated before being adopted.
We also have a high percentage of animals that come to us injured and/or abused which leads to high medical bills.

To offset these costs, the SPCA created and is selling this 2020 calendar.

1570 Johnson Blvd. Cleveland, TN